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DE-CIX company structure

All national and international DE-CIX activities and companies are consolidated under the umbrella of the DE-CIX Group AG with Harald A. Summa and Ivo Ivanov serving as Chief Executive Officers. The sole shareholder is eco – Association of the Internet Industry, Europe’s leading Internet organization. 

The DE-CIX Group AG Supervisory Board is comprised of three experienced and well-established managers. Felix Höger – former COO & CTO of QSC AG and founder and long-standing CEO of PIRONET NDH AG – is Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Additional members are Klaus Landefeld, Vice-Chair of the Board at eco – Association of the Internet Industry, and Rudolf van Megen, Chair of the Board of the German ICT & Media Institute e.V. (GIMI) and founder and long-established CEO of SQS Software Quality Systems AG. 

DE-CIX Group AG company structure