DE-CIX Academy videos and webinars

The following DE-CIX Academy videos and recorded webinars are available:

What is an AS number?

The video answers questions like what is an AS number and how do I get one. Having an ASN is necessary to peer at an Internet Exchange like DE-CIX.

How to get started with peering

The video shows the very beginning of how to get startet with peering: How to upgrade your network from single-homed to multi-homed and peering. 

How to get rid of DDoS traffic - Blackholing explained

The Internet is becoming a bigger target than ever for attacks. Attacks will continue to strike, and a single attack can dramatically slow down the Internet. Learn more about  how Blackholing at Internet Exchanges can stop the malicious traffic. 

DE-CIX Service Insights: Implementation of the system

The video shows how the DE-CIX Service Insights System is built, what software and hardware is used and what data is collected and stored.

BGP 01 - An Introduction

The webinar shows how you can build and run a global network. You can learn how to reduce cost, increase performance, and resilience. 

BGP 02 - Becoming Multihomed

The webinar shows you how to add multiple upstreams to your network for redundancy and cost optimization.

BGP 03 - Best path selection

Learn more about how BGP selects the best route and how you can influence BGP route selection.

BGP 04 - Communities

What are BGP Communities? Get the answer and learn more about the evolution of BGP Communities: Traditional, Extended, Large.

BGP 05 - The Big Picture

The webinar gives an overview of BGP and shows an example with a simulated ISP.

BGP 06 - BGP and IPv6

Learn more about how you can add IPv6 to your existing BGP infrastructure.

How does Traceroute work?

Learn more about Traceroute and wheter you can rely on it when debugging a problem.